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Francis Mead

a mama & dreamer rooted in Oakland / Huichin Ohlone Territory

“Ritual is a tribute to the human capacity to create, remember, and imagine, and to apply that imagination for the benefit of the community.”

-Malidoma Patrice Somé

Ever since she can remember Francis has created art to connect with herself, her ancestors  and the spirits that guide her. Her watercolor, pen and ink and acrylic illustrations honor Black and Brown Indigenous magic, Divine femininity, the earth, and other dreamers and warriors throughout time and space.


Recently she has expanded her creative spiritual practice through ceremonial tattooing. She currently apprentices under Sal 'Chamuco' Cortez at the very special gallery and tattoo shop Amor Eterno Arte in east Oakland. The intention behind her work always is to serve and inspire the people, creating art as tools for healing and liberation. 

*Francis is always booking commissions and speaking engagements. Please feel free to contact for all business inquiries, illustratedtruths@gmail.comand sign up for the newsletter below. Blessings!


Grateful to collaborate with organizations doing amazing work for the community!

Center For Cultural Power

The Greenlining Institute

Forward Together

Third Wave

Clima Fund

Blue Heart Fund

Empowering Women of Color Conference

Latest Exhibitions

Black Feminist Study group exhibition 2019

Ashara Ekundaya Gallery

Oakland, CA

Many Gods No Masters solo exhibition 2018

Amor Eterno Arte Gallery and Tattoo shop

Oakland, CA

The Black Woman Is God group exhibition 2017, 2016

Somarts Cultural Center

San Francisco, CA

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